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Who I am


I’m Marc Heileman. I am (in order) a Christian, Family man, combat veteran, lifelong Student, Rock Climber, Writer, Speaker, Berry College graduate, Team Builder, Owner of Treadstone Climbing Gym and Treadstone Climbing Construction, Fitness Nut, Runner, Private Pilot, Space nut, Sky Diver, SCUBA Diver, Adventurer, travel nut, and … instructor. That’s … about it. This is where I keep my brain … here at Basecamp, where The Path begins. You’re welcome to visit my world here any time … it’s a pretty nice place.


Why I do this


I’ve always been a writer, though I didn’t always know it. And as with any writer, there is a less-than-fully-understood motivation to express thoughts and to share with the world the things that motivate me. Truthfully, I feel settled and happier when a thought gets out of my head and “onto paper” … electrons, more accurately.


For a good ten years or so, starting at about the turn of the century ( I like the way that sounds), I had a website called Some of you remember it. I wasn’t a businessman in those days … thus, it was more “personal interest,” and editorial commentary on socio/political topics than I intend for “marcsbasecamp 2-point-oh” to be. I’ve changed a lot since version one. Arguably, I as a person am now “Marc, ver 16.0.” I’ve mellowed, even … though some people will find my saying that astonishing. Blessedly, when I went to find a domain name for this site, “” was still available!


What I can do for you


(Marc’s) “Basecamp” is first and foremost my Blog / Vlog home – for business thoughts primarily, but also for anything I find interesting. Any path has rabbit trails, and I don’t mind putting them here. If you choose to head that way with me, so be it … but I keep the business Blog at the center. The chosen format keeps it that way, and makes it tough for either of us to get too terribly lost.


We run the primary company pages on a different platform ( found at ) which is set up by slick people (complete with MacBooks and hair product) to whom I listen and defer regarding format, site flow, sales funnels, etc. But they encouraged me to have a place of my own for a Blog, and this is it. They link to it, but the two site live separately, and that gives me Freedom – just enough to hang myself if I’m not careful … but I am more careful these days.


This site is a place where my company marketing and IT guys can’t tell me to edit myself, or tell me that my layout of pages is too detailed (I like to be thorough and comprehensive), or that my structure is too busy to be an effective marketing strategy. Here the rabbit hole goes as deep as I want it to. And really, if you think about it, each page here – even if I really get on a tare – is likely less length than a typical magazine article.


I’m a believer that the modern “microwave it” mentality is too shallow a rendering for any kind of real understanding – on anything. But at the same time, I do believe in the virtues of brevity and clarity. I try to blend both those approaches by giving most topics (each page, then) three or four levels of depth. I start all of them with “The Least You Need to Know.” That’s what those “______ for Dummies” books start every chapter with, and you know what? That’s not a bad approach. Because people should be able to get your message during an elevator ride. So I start by providing that “elevator pitch.” And then allow you to go deeper if you want to.

When I write on a topic, I start by summarizing it into an elevator pitch (The Least You Need to Know), then give what is more or less an outline – or just a little more detail (The Cliff Notes), and then I give the option of going deeper (Down the Rabbit Hole) for those who want to become more fully informed – to the best of my ability to provide this. I think all of that strikes a good balance.

Let me know what you think by writing to me at

Thanks for visiting!

– Marc sends

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