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2021 D-Day VLOG

Every year I call the first Monday in January “D Day.” It’s the kickoff of Cycle #1 of 7 each year on what we call ”The Path” ... Treadstone’s goal-setting and tracking program. Fitness-focused, but not limited to that. It’s frankly pretty revolutionary, and will someday be an app. The info here at Basecamp will keep you in the Inner Circle of that launch, and you can even have input. What is it? In short, we have literally broken the code on how to stick to the goals you set - Resolutions or not. Not all of it involve solely our ideas. The Path is an amalgamation of the best ideas from the best of the best writers, bloggers, and leaders ... consolidated by us for you, and put into an actionable Master Plan that‘s refreshingly simple (for you), fun, customized, automated, and interactive.

Enjoy your weekend of Holiday Season “extended play,” and stay tuned here today and tomorrow for at least three more posts to help you with your D Day Mission Planning. We storm the beach at dawn on Monday! (Jan 4). Make sure you get familiar with our fun, personalized, interactive scoresheet ... and use it to log your progress. It’s your primary tool / interface with The Path, and we do the work for you if you send in your scoresheet, super simplified for 2021.

Hit the link above for a full intro. I’m experimenting with how best to use these various platforms for sharing. Regardless, I will always make sure that no matter where I put things on the various platforms, I will make sure they are all collected here ... thus the name of the blog :-)

Thank you for being here!

- Marc sends

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